Confirm http / https URL usage for Twitter Card


Our organization’s summary_large_image was appearing inconsistently. Sometimes the proper image would appear, other times the noimage would appear.

We followed the troubleshooting guide and think we found the problem. We didn’t see this addressed specifically and wanted to confirm.

  • The Card Validator requires a URL including the scheme (http or https)

  • Twitter, though, does not require the scheme with a URL but we think that http is assumed

  • Although both http and https provide an image in the Card Validator, http also returns: WARN: this card is redirected to

  • Our website automatically redirects visitors from http to https

  • Therefore, if we type in a tweet http is assumed; our site redirects to https; this mismatch leads the image to not appearing.

Does the above seem correct and if we include https in our tweets we shouldn’t have this problem in the future?


Yes, that does appear to be a correct assessment. I’ve just confirmed this behaviour.


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