Confirm about change the email in Twitter Apps Account and Twitter account login



Currently, I use one emai address: for both places.

The question is:
If I change the email address from to at Twitter login account (as below image). Is there any problem with Twitter Apps? Do I have to change something with the Twitter Apps Account (about token, auth,…)

Thank you very much! Hope to see your response soon.


Hi @Mr.Sai - first of all, I highly recommend you start managing your apps from (rather than use You should also apply for a developer account, which will allow you to create new apps if you desire to do so going forward.

Although you can currently still manage existing apps on, we will soon retire this site and consolidate all developer tools, API access, and app management within the developer portal at

Your developer account (where you manage your apps for access to Twitter APIs) is linked to your Twitter account. Changing your login details on Twitter is not expected to have an impact on your app keys and tokens.


Thank you very much.