Confirm a twitter user's identity, but no read access to tweets etc - is this possible?


I’d like to confirm a twitter user is who they claim to be, but do not need access to their tweets, DMs, or any other information.

The sign in with twitter API does more than I need, I don’t really want to read a user’s tweets or other information, and I don’t want users to have to grant access, I just want the twitter API to confirm they are who they claim to be…

I’ve looked at the following, but am still not clear whether this will do what I want…

Ideally I’d like the following:

  • user clicks on a button, and are taken to the twitter site for login
  • user enters twitter name and password
  • return with a pass/fail and the twittername




The permission system on the API is very flat – if you’re using the API to verify identity, you also have no choice but to ask for read access on their behalf as that’s the lowest level of permission we offer.

You can tell your users exactly what you do or do not do with their data before asking them to authenticate, but they’ll still be made aware that you have the capability to read data on their behalf as they go through the process.


thanks for the clarification, that’s what I’d suspected…