Concurrent Async Stats Job Count


A maximum of 100 concurrent (queued or processing) asynchronous job queries are permitted per advertiser account

@hwz regarding concurrent async jobs, is the count of currently-running jobs available anywhere by API, similar to the x-rate-limit/x-cost-limit headers? Or are advertisers expected to keep track of how many jobs they believe are active?


We don’t provide the number of concurrent processing or queued jobs through the API, but an error will be returned if you are attempting to queue an asynchronous job for an advertiser that is at its job capacity.


OK we’ll catch and handle these errors appropriately.

We have a fairly mature retry-on-errors strategy that handles rescheduling on cost/rate limit boundaries and other errors. It relies on specific error messages enumerated here

Will this document be updated to include the new “too many async jobs” error message and code?