Computer tell me to stop running script when i try to post a tweet to @Anyone


Everytime i try to post a tweet on someone elses profile every computer tells me to either stop running script or the website won’t respond.
My tweet box also looks different.
What’s wrong?


عاش الدرع والسيف حامى الارض والعرض عاش الجيش المصرى العظيم


Not sure IM on right page


Same problem here. It started about 2 weeks ago – just when I tried to compose a tweet on the ‘connect’ timeline. As of tonight, it is total – I can’t compose or send a tweet at all, without getting the script error, which freeze the page altogether. Can’t find any solutions on Twitter’s help center.


same problem here. incredibly irritating and makes twitter totally unusable.


same hear I’m on windows XP IE 8


I’m dealing with the same problem…totally annoying. Is Twitter only available on Macs and mobile devices now? Lame!


I see lots of complaints and no solution. How do we get a solution to this? I am having the same issue and can’t use my computer to post anything in Twitter.


YES! when will this issue be resolved? completely annoying and yet it continues. Twitter - please advise us!
Yours faithfully - the twitterverse!


Estamos en periodo de pruebas pronto estaremos en la red


Same issue here - does anyone ever read these posts and try to do something about them? sigh


same problem when I try and reply to an existing tweet, can anyone help?


Switch to another browser such as Mozilla and it clears the stop running this script error. Did for me anyway.


Same here, super annoying!! Can’t tweet at all.


Same problem here. Once again I cannot type more then 3-5 letters when trying to compose a tweet before the script error pops up and freezes my computer. I miss talking to my friends and family on twitter…I can only read what they are saying…:frowning:


I have been going on it is better and I can reply to everything


This has been happening to me as well - no posted “script” or IE solutions have worked (per Google searches) - and @Twitter doesn’t have a thing about this on their site (what a surprise?!?). I too am on XP IE8 - a new refurbished laptop - whereas on my old crappy laptop with XP IE8, I had no issues. So I am at a point where I will use @Twitlonger or will check out that link (above) to post.
@Twitter - get it together. Please.
@Everyone else - good luck until a fix goes live.


I’m glad I am not alone here before it just froze on replys now I can’t tweet at all what a load of crap.


Having script issues when I start to post a tweet. I ran a Microsoft Fix-It but it has not resolved this problem. Solutions anyone?


Just tried and it works! Yay! I still need to find out why I can’t tweet and get the script error, but until then I’ll use the above link.