Comprehensive verification for Twitter developer account




My request for developer account was rejected because of unspecified reasons. I understand that I have to accept this and move on.

But, I’d like to know if Twitter plans to introduce comprehensive verification for people who request for Twitter developer accounts. By comprehensive verification, I mean that customers would be asked to provide multiple information such as REAL phone numbers, credit cards, perhaps driver license ID etc., in order to sign up for a new dev account. This could prevent fraud i.e. keep the bad guys out, thus making it easier for genuinely nice people to get approved.

Is Twitter planning to do something like this in the near future ?


We are unable to comment on our current or future verification methods.

OPlease understand that this is not just about identity, but also, our agents are looking closely at issues related to compliance with our developer terms, policy, automation rules, and restricted use cases.

We’re unable to spend time and comment on individual developer questions related to these on public developer forums for privacy reasons. Be assured that every one of the applications for access to the Twitter Developer Platform and APIs are treated equally.

Access to the Twitter APIs is a privilege, not a right. We understand the frustration that comes with a well-intention application for access being turned down. Thank you very much for looking to work with out platform - we appreciate the interest and excitement!