Comprehensive list of error codes


Is there a more comprehensive list of twitter error codes than the ones listed here?

So far I have encountered 150 (can’t send msgs to users not following you), 151 (text of dm > 140 chars), and 183 (can’t delete another user’s status).




I second this request. I used to receive a different HTTP error code when sending messages to users who were not following me. Since v1.1 I get the 150 error code. I appreciate the updates, but without proper error documentation it makes it difficult to create applications that reflect well on Twitter or our own efforts. Please fix!


The documentation still has not been updated. Any chances that will happen?


Thanks for the nudge. I have a ticket in my backlog to work on the error codes, but haven’t been able to get to it yet (note that I’ve not been sitting on this task since Jan 2013! :mailbox: but I definitely do want to improve that area of the docs).

Are there specific codes you’re seeing that we don’t have good coverage for in the docs?



right now i am only aware of 150.