Completed All Steps as Requested 4 Times and Twitter Card Still Rejected?


To Whom It May Concern:

Please help. Not sure what else we’re supposed to do to receive approval on our Twitter card – we’ve tried everything listed in documentation and blogs with no luck!

We have tried now on 4 different occasions to have our Summary Twitter card approved (starting in Jan 2013). We’ve read through the documentation several times, made adjustments to the code based on updated documentation, tested/re-tested – and every time BEFORE we submit the application we’ve tested on the testing tool and now new “validator” tool and have a green light/everything is OK before we submit – yet we still are rejected with no clear reason why.

The most recent rejection said our “url is inaccessible” but we’ve checked again – this page is on the web & to the best of our knowledge (and per the validator tool) has the markup required for a summary card.

We would submit for approval again as the rejection email suggested, but now after validating the URL and filling out the form, the form submission fails! It listed: “Something went wrong and your request to be added to the whitelist failed. Please try again.
Reason: is not a valid screen name”

Not sure what that means since the form auto-populated with our user account information and won’t allow for “Website Twitter Username*” field to be populated.

Please advise on what else we need to do to get approval.


Hi there - we pushed a fix yesterday that should resolve this issue. Please try feel free to use the validator tool again and see if you have any issues entering into the Website Twitter Username field.


We tried again yesterday and were able to successfully submit the application so the issue with entering the Website Twitter Username appears to be resolved– but almost instantly we received a rejection email stating the URL is inaccessible – but the URL passed the validator test and also works every time we’ve clicked/checked it – the Twitter card markup is live on our production environment so there should be no issue with accessing the URL.

We are confused on what else we should try or can do as we’ve now submitted 5 times with no concrete feedback as to why we are being rejected.

Please advise.


Also, our user acceptance testing environment (UAT) was recently approved for the use of the Summary Twitter card. This site uses the same code/is a replica of our production environment, so it’s unclear why our production environment has not been approved for the Summary card when our UAT environment has been approved. They’re using the same code.


Finally received approval today.