Complete noob needs help/info


Hi guys, not even sure if this is the right place, but I have been seeing new kinds of Twitter posts on my timeline, that after some research look like cards.
I run a successful podcast in the U.K., and would love to be able to post on my timeline to promote each show this way.
This is a screen shot of a friends tweet, and these are the ones I mean.
Any help would be appreciated.
What are they, and how do I post them?


Add Twitter Cards markup to your web pages.

Then, when you post a Tweet including the link, the card will be rendered.


Thanks for the reply Andy appreciated,
Just not quite understanding what you mean, as I’m very new to this,
I do have my own site at Blogger (

So bit of an ask I know, but could you break it down on a more simple terms, on exactly how to go about it.
My Twitter is @tozol


In that case take a look at the guide to integrating Cards on Blogger.


Thanks Andy for the link.
I have had a quick look, sadly still a bit vague for me, just don’t get how I make the card, and then how I get it on my site, then on to Twitter.

Thanks again though.


Where can I get help to see if my Twitter Card ad was approved? Our event is next month, and we’d like to get it up

Is my Twitter Card ad approved?