Competition Robot


Hi everyone,

I’m in the process of critiquing a scope put forward by one of my clients and we’re thinking of using Twitter as a method of entry into our competition.
We have a Twitter Verified Account, but would most likely make a separate one for this app (we don’t want to clog our feed).

These competitions run roughly one day per month, and generate around 1,500 entries per hour, although I don’t imagine we would generate nearly that much through Twitter as our fan base is only 2,500 users currently. We’re doing it through a Facebook page tab app currently (200K fans roughly), but we’re hoping to integrate Twitter into it as well to boost the reach and accessibility for mobile devices.

Basically, I’m hoping that people can link their Twitter accounts to our system, and then just tweet a keyword to this robot account, which would reply with a series of answers depending on the action taken. (“Thanks @foo, you’re in the draw!”, “Sorry @bar, you need to link your account first. Visit:”, “Sorry @foo, that command wasn’t recognized. Read our FAQs:”, etc)

I’m wondering if generating that amount of twitter traffic is contravening the rules, and whether it makes a difference if we have a validated twitter account? 99% of tweets would be directed at a person, with the occasional “A new draw has started! Get tweeting to get winning!” kind of tweet.

The automation rules and guidelines don’t really set definitive boundaries (which is why I’m asking this question).

Will I get banned/throttled for having a robot that:

  • Replies to others (others always Tweet directly with @foo first, this is not based on keywords or other searching algorithms)
  • Sends possibly 1,000 tweets per hour (for 10 hours during one or two days each month)
  • Occasionally says things like: “A new draw has started! Get tweeting to get winning!” or “Congratulations @bar, you won the last draw!”


You wont be able to send 1000 tweets per hour for 10 hours no chance (10k per day)
The reply to others you can do but once again this will be limited to replys per day
Tweeting the same old automated tweets is spammy and chances are people wont want to follow your account or will report it as spam.

In summary the idea you have isn’t a good one for twitter its pure spam you could use the DM system to send the messages to users and use the normal twitter feed to announce competition start dates etc which might work better for you.