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I want to make a widget with a search query that shows two feeds and filters messages for a certain hashtag. That would be

from:account1 OR from:account2 AND #hashtag

This works when I use it on the Twitter search: It only shows messages with that hashtag from those two accounts. But when used for a widget, it also shows retweets and I don’t want those. How do I get the retweets out of there?

I tried “-RT” parameter, putting brackets around (from:account1 OR from:account2) and what not, to no avail.


Filter out retweets with -filter:retweets

puppies -filter:retweets

'filter:retweets` is valid search query but is undocumented

That works, but I just noticed

from:account1 OR from:account2 AND #hashtag

only shows retweets for widgets, so the feed is now empty. It doesn’t show the regular tweets from those two accounts. The query works in the Twitter search box, but not for widgets. Shouldn’t it give the same results in both places?


It seems some search queries don’t show the correct results for the widget search. Example:

from:earthdaynetwork OR from:EarthDayNewYork AND #earthday -filter:retweets

Shows the same results for regular search and widget search.

from:EPinDeutschland OR from:EUinDE AND #TTIP -filter:retweets

Shows what I would expect in the regular search, but no results for the widget. Do you have an explanation for this?

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