Columns missingto calculate derived metrics for WEBSITE_CLICKS


When trying to calculate impressions and clicks for a promoted tweet WEBSITE_CLICKS this doc says to sum 3 different columns:
promoted_tweet_search_impressions + promoted_tweet_timeline_impressions + promoted_tweet_profile_impressions
for impressions

promoted_tweet_search_url_clicks + promoted_tweet_timeline_url_clicks + promoted_tweet_profile_url_clicks
For clicks…

But the stats for a promoted tweet does not have promoted_tweet_profile_url_clicks or promoted_tweet_profile_impressions

So, the value we calculate locally is less than the totals displayed on the campaign dashboard.

Why are promoted_tweet_profile_url_clicks or promoted_tweet_profile_impressions missing from the API docs and response listed here?


Hey @sealabcore,

The promoted_tweet_profile_* metrics are not returned by default on our endpoints (what is returned by default is documented on our metrics and segmentation page). You’ll need to request them explicitly when you make your stats query to get them, which is one of our best practices. Including the promoted_tweet_profile_url_clicks and promoted_tweet_profile_impressions metrics in the mix of the other metrics you’re looking for should resolve this for you.