Collections API



I need some help. For may app I would like to use my custom collection ( I have created twitter app with access level: Read, write, and direct messages

I am using TwitterOAuth PHP library.

my php code:
$connection = new TwitterOAuth($consumer_key, $consumer_secret, $token, $token_secret);
$collection = $connection->get(“collections/show”, array(“id” => “custom-556099103244165122”));

I don’t know what am I doing wrong, but for response I am getting error code 87 - Client is not permitted to perform this action.

Can someon please help me?

Thank you,

Collections api return Could not authenticate you

If you look at the About Collections page, you’ll see this notice:

Collection APIs are automatically enabled for Twitter applications using Fabric Twitter Kit and Twitter Official Partners. The Twitter Official Partner program is for enterprise organizations building B2B solutions. Apps curating content may contact us with more details about their intended use of collections APIs.

So, in order to use that API, you’ll need to contact us to request whitelisting, using the platform / policy support form. Thanks!


I just tried contacting that link and received this reply:

Unfortunately the information contained in your link is no longer
current. The Collections API is now only available through Fabric…

Is there any way I can use the Collections API if I’m not making a mobile app? Are there any plans to make the Collections API open to a wider audience?

And if Fabric is the only way, the documentation here seems to suggest that for Collections, only the ‘entries’ endpoint is available. Is that so?

In short, I’d like to add tweets to collections via the api, but have no call for a mobile app - any suggestions?