Collections API in Web app. Auth issue



Hi everybody!

I’m trying to use Collections API in my nodejs REST web server. This API allowed just with Fabric applications. I’ve created one and have consumer key and consumer secret.
When I try to use POST collections/create I receive { code: 32, message: 'Could not authenticate you.' }

What should I do for create collection from my REST server? Not from iOS or Android.
How I can test this API from console or another tool?

Thanks for responses!


If you’re using a key which is whitelisted for Collections then this should work - I just verified this for myself. What library are you using? Have you successfully authenticated to Twitter using OAuth and signed the request correctly? Is your server’s clock time correct (OAuth is time-sensitive)


I’m using the twit and it works well for regular apps from

Probably not. I used a mobile application for getting access token and access token secret and I thought they should work for Collections API.

I’m not sure. How is it depend on?


Do you need any special use cases for access via rest. I put a request in ages ago and didn’t hear back


There’s some wording about it on the Collections page on - essentially it’s aimed at partners and enterprise developers curating content. The correct thing to do here is to apply via the form linked from the page I just referred to, and request whitelisting for your app key. I’m afraid I’m not on the end of that approval process so I’m not able to provide more guidance at this time.


Thanks for the reply Andy. I’ve submitted a new request fleshing out the details of the feature I wish to provide for collections API usage.

Unfortunately my existing apps don’t use Fabric so I can’t get access that way