Collection widget page doesn't list all collections



I’ve created two collections through the Collections API. Both work fine, i.e. I can add tweets to them and view them using their public URLs.

However only one of them is listed on the page for collection widget creation. Is it just me or is this a bug?


Hi Ronald, just to confirm what you’re seeing, do you see both of your collections through the API (e.g. GET /1.1/collections/list.json?screen_name=ronaldklip) but not on the new widget page? Can you also share the URLs of both collections, including which one doesn’t show up on the new widgets page?


Hm, never mind, by now they’re both listed on the new widget page… There must have been a system lag somewhere.

For the record, both are listed thru collections/list.json?screen_name=ronaldklip (today, that is. I don’t know about yesterday)

"response": { "results" : [ {"timeline_id" : "custom-733298836710559744"}, {"timeline_id" : "custom-733291371847634945"} ], "cursors" : {"next_cursor" : "Ci0snhfWUAE"} }

Thanks for your reply, danibro.

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