Collecting tweets older than 1 week using Python Tweepy



I am working on a college Senior Project where I am trying to collect tweets from 2 weeks before the super bowl and from the day of the super bowl to analyze people’s emotions but cannot figure out a way to get tweets that are older than 1 week. I have looked at many forums and discussions on this topic but have been unable to find anything that has complete code that I can get to work for me. If anyone can provide assistance in a way to get older tweets with actual lines of code that would be great. I would prefer to have a solution that would work in python with tweepy since I have been able to get actual tweets using this method but could also use R with the twitteR package if that would make getting older tweets easier.


We do not provide any free APIs that provide this functionality. The only thing I can think of would be to suggest that you try the premium full-archive Search API. However, I don’t believe tweepy or twitteR have been updated to support this new API as of yet; I think only our own searchtweets Python library would work at the moment.


I went through the process for the premium search API and am waiting to be approved and have looked at the documentation for the searchtweets library but I am wondering if the searchtweets library has the ability to include a geocode location for the tweets collected? I would ultimately like to narrow the tweets I collect down to a 1 or 5 mile radius around TCF Bank Stadium where the super bowl was held this year and I know it’s possible with tweepy but was wondering if you know if the call to get the tweets using searchtweets can take a geocode location and how it would have to be passed?


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