Collecting old tweets using java?


I am in need of help based on extracting tweets from twitter… I am trying to collect tweets older than 1 year from twitter using twitter 4j. I tried all the three API’s …(i.e SEARCH API,REST API,STREAMING API)
SEARCH API,REST API - Give only one week old tweets…
STREAMING API -Gives real time tweets.
Can you Please Suggest me a way to get tweets older than 1year using JAVA?


Is this possible using other than twitter 4j?


The public API (REST and Streaming) do not offer access to Tweets older than 1 year. The Search API enables you to search for Tweets up to a week old. The Streaming API lets you receive current / realtime Tweets. The language you are using does not matter.

For historical data, you will need to use one of the commercial APIs from Gnip (full archive search, or historical PowerTrack). Gnip is Twitter’s data business.