Collect tweets send from individual public instead of company tweets



I would like to collect historical tweets from individual users, by eliminating company related tweets.
For example, Someone tweet about Barclays and no tweets from Barclays company.
Help please!!!


The Search API will enable you to get Tweets from the past 7 days. You should be able to use a query like “brand -from:brand” to do something similar to what you are asking, I think.


Its like to collect tweets from public instead of company related posts.
Company’s may promoting their product or their service.


Yes, and using the -from:brand should exclude Tweets posted from their @handle.


Hi Andy,
I am confused with this query. Can you explain me how this query works?
For example, I am supplying “Budweiser” keyword to search API, it gives me all tweets related with that keyword including budweiser promotion tweets too.

SEARCH_TERM = "Budweiser"
Query q = new Query(SEARCH_TERM);

I am using JAVA.



SEARCH_TERM = “Budweiser%20-from:Budweiser”

Should exclude any Tweets from the @Budweiser Twitter account. You’ll need to url encode any spaces in the query (unless your Java library does that for you, in which case it may not be necessary).

There’s more information on our search syntax in the documentation.


Thank you so much!!!



I have learned a lot so far.Great information.Thanks for sharing.