Collect tweets for specified time using twitter4j



I am currently, working on Twitter sentiment analysis project. I collected tweets using streaming API based on topic. But, I want to run my streaming API for 1 hour to collect tweets. Is it possible to collect tweets on preferred time.
For example, topic is “beer” and for 1 hour to collect. Like cronjob.


You could do that using something like cron4j. There’s nothing specific to Twitter here, unless I’m mistaken?


Thank you so much. I have to collect tweets over the weekend (say from Friday night to Monday morning - nearly 48 hours), so its possible to collect live tweets(streaming API) without rate limit rite? I red the documentation, it says public streams has no no rate limit. We do have limits for REST API.



Can you please show me specifically where that is stated?

The Streaming API is limited to 1% of the total volume of all Tweets at a point in time, and you may only have a couple of connections, and must not reconnect too quickly. Additionally, you are limited to the number of filter terms that you can use.


My apologize, I heard it from my community people. Later I red the document and got confused with the limits. Now I am quite clear with rate limits for streaming API. I am trying to collect UK election poll tweets tomorrow, so is that possible to run the streaming API from morning 7 to night 10 continuously? If so then I can set cron4j for this job.


Assuming your code doesn’t disconnect, and you have an appropriate set of filter terms in mind, then that should work just fine.


Thank you so much!!!


While working on streaming API, most of tweet’s geo location were null. If it was null, how do we get location. Also, I tried with multiple filter query option ( location and keywords) but I got either the tweets based on location or based on the keywords. But I want to get tweets based on the location and those tweets should have the keywords.

String keywords[] = {"health", "politics"};
double[][] loc={{-122.75,36.8},{-121.75,37.8}};

Help please!!!


Only a very small percentage (~1-2%) of Tweets have geo data attached, so this is not completely unexpected.


Is it possible to collect tweets in a time interval. Something like this,
String modifiedDate= new SimpleDateFormat("2016-05-09 08-00-00").format(date); String modifiedDate2= new SimpleDateFormat("2016-05-09 12-00-00" ).format(date); query.setSince(modifiedDate); query.setUntil(modifiedDate2);
I tried but no luck.


It is possible to use date queries, but not time queries. You’d need to filter the time range yourself out of the main results. Full search API information is here.


Thank you so much!!!


In streaming API, lots of duplicate tweets were linked like multiple copies of same tweet. I cant overcome from this issue.
Also is it possible to collect only original posts using streaming API?


You’d have to filter that for yourself, there’s no parameter that will take them out for you.



I’m building a tool called Social Opinion that does exactly what you need :slight_smile:

You can login with your existing Twitter handle and create a “Campaign”, supply some keywords and the tool will collect tweets 24x7 in the background for you and plot the sentiment or each tweet.

It also has rich charting features such as a real-time line graph and bar/pie charts. It’s in beta and I hope it can help you! :slight_smile:

Meant to say, it also can send you email alerts depending on certain thresholds such as X number of tweets have been found or when the sentiment has spiked/dropped.

You can find it here:


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