Codebird strange behaviour in fetching data from Twitter


I’m using codebird (PHP) Twitter API to get data from Twitter where input is Twitter handle.

It works as follows -

The PHP script is running on EC2 instance.(Amazon Web Service)
It connects to DynamoDB table (Amazon Web Service DB) to fetch Twitter Handle in each record.
The loop runs for nearly 2000 records…

It then queries Twitter thr’ codebird

$reply = $cb->users_show($params);

In $reply object, It is fetching data for records randomly, means for some set of records (nearly 180 records) it gets data and for another set of records it doesn’t get data. The behaviour is random, means for records it has got data previously, may not get it after some time.

My question is -
How many records the codebird can process at a time? or in a day?
Should I process codebird script for some records(how many) then pause for some time (how much?) and then restart…?


Take a look at [node:10066] – all API methods are rate limited. It sounds like you’ll need to right some handling code for this condition and better throttle your requests over time.