Codebird - oauth_requestToken - getting 403 error


I’ve been working on a Twitter app that uses Codebird and it was working fine the other day, but suddenly I’m getting a 403 error and the Twitter site says that the oauth tokens may be expired.

I get this error every time I request a token. I’ve tried clearing cookies, starting a new app and even restoring the app to an earlier version that was also working before, but nothing has helped. I’ve searched for answers but haven’t found any solutions. Here is the code for the call:

      {oauth_callback: "http://localhost:8080/home"},
      function (reply,rate,err) {
          if (err) {
              console.log("error response or timeout exceeded" + err.error);
          if (reply) {
              // stores it
              cb.setToken(reply.oauth_token, reply.oauth_token_secret);

              // // SAVE TOKENS
              state.saveTokens(reply.oauth_token, reply.oauth_token_secret);

              // gets the authorize screen URL
                  function (auth_url) {
                      location.href = auth_url;

I also tried a request with app-only auth, (without an access token), and I’m not getting any results for a simple search.

Any help, suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile: