Code example of how to page through timeline?


I am trying to navigate the timeline
The twitter docs for this are not helpful at all. I’d hardly call them “docs”

Surely this has been done, and explained somewhere … just not in the API documentation.
(which is damn near useless, since it DOESN’T HAVE EXAMPLES?)

here is what I’m trying to end up with:
(3 pages of the 3 most recent tweets)

<div class="slide">
 Stupid tweet 1. @twittardedUser1
 Stupid tweet 2. @twittardedUser2
Stupid tweet 3. @twittardedUser3

<div class="slide">
 Stupid tweet 4. @twittardedUser4
 Stupid tweet 5. @twittardedUser5
Stupid tweet 6. @twittardedUser6

<div class="slide">
 Stupid tweet 7. @twittardedUser7
 Stupid tweet 8. @twittardedUser8
Stupid tweet 9. @twittardedUser9

I’ve been trying to use:

But don’t know how to process the records.

Does Twitter have ANY examples in the documentation?
The docs are just god awful.