Code: 89: Invalid or expired token: Constant on only some accounts



This is a sporadic issue. Every now and then, some accounts lose their tokens and throw Code: 89: Invalid or expired token

My first thought was that they were trying to do stuff that was frowned upon. Now, I see that tokens disappear with no intervening action on an account. Often, they disappear within minutes if not seconds

It seems to happen more frequently with a particular account. We screen-shared. Sure enough, our app is not listed in his apps. It usually disappears within seconds of being authorized.

He has 41 apps authorized. Is there a limit?

Any other ideas why this would be happening?

POSSIBLE: I see that his last auth was - Approved: Sunday, July 23, 2017 at 1:59:49 PM. That’s UTC. I thought Twitter ran on Pacific. FYI: It disappeared by 2:01:00 UTC. There were no intervening actions

Why does Twitter keep expiring my tokens?

I don’t have an answer, but have a similar problem:


Found the problem.

A multiplicity of active Apps doing nearly the same thing leads to spam filter triggers. so, while there were no intervening interactions from our side, there were elsewhere.

I guess Twitter assumes the last app in is the problem and cuts the tokens.

We asked that the user disable the other apps and now everything is fine.