Closed Caption support?


How do I embed closed captions in videos on Twitter like CBS has in this tweet?


Also curious as to how someone receives access to this feature. Right now the company I work for burns in all our closed captions and have been waiting for a solution for quite some time now.


This feature is not a part of the standard API and not currently on the roadmap. Users with access to Twitter’s media studio tools may have access to these features.


So the only way to make videos accessible to deaf users with Closed Captions is to be a paid advertiser?


Media Studio is the only only technical implementation that currently exists in the product. There is currently no standard developer API for the feature. We continue to listen to feedback as we prioritise features in the developer platform.

For Twitter product features, unfortunately we are not able to assist via these developer forums.


I have an update on this - it turns out that any CEA-608/CEA-708 subtitles encoded into the original video will appear if accessibility options are enabled (regardless of the API used to upload the video). SRT subtitle support is currently only available in the Media Studio product.

We’ll make a note to make this more clear in our developer documentation.