Close event for tweet/dialog box closed without action


There are different events to interact with twitter dialog for variaous actions like‘click’, clickEventToAnalytics);‘tweet’, tweetIntentToAnalytics);‘retweet’, retweetIntentToAnalytics);‘favorite’, favIntentToAnalytics);‘follow’, followIntentToAnalytics);

do we have any event to know that user has closed the dialog box without taking any action.


Hi Rahul,

There’s no event available for cancelled requests, I’m afraid. We’ll consider adding support for that in the future.



+1. Any update here or common work-around?


Any updated on this? Would love to see this functionality or a work around? Or even just access to the window object created so I can check whether it still exists every second


Is there anything new on this, I would really love to be able to have some functionality for this


Any updates on this or is there any work around to capture the close event?