Clipboard Paste in Desktop Twitter


Until about 2 weeks ago, you could paste a screenshot/clipboard contents into a tweet as an image. You can no longer do this.

Is this intentional behaviour or a bug ?

PS - VERY hard to work out WHERE to post this subject. But it’s elementary, right? Why does ‘teatime’ seem the only fit?


Do you mean the Twitter App for Mac? Or Tweetdeck?



via web / browser.

Google Chrome (latest) & Windows 8 (latest)


Unfortunately that’s because this is a community for developers using the Twitter platform and APIs, rather than issues with the Twitter web, desktop or mobile apps. We can’t respond to these kind of issues in these forums, which is why we have no category for them.

I’m sorry that this isn’t an ideal answer, and I’ll certainly do my best to make folks aware of the issue, but right now it isn’t something we can respond to.


Why did you close the topic: 'Clipboard Paste in Desktop Twitter'?