Client Side Twitter API & the rate limit


I’ve had a client request a custom Twitter timeline feed module. The website is very high traffic. Unfortunately the client are unable to access their servers, so it’ll need to be created entirely in HTML/CSS/JS. Would my understanding be correct, if using the REST API without user authentication (oAuth is a bit overkill for this project) each user/client would count as one request, because the website is very high traffic this would result in the rate limit exceeding very quickly?

I understand that the normal way to do something such as this would be to make the calls via a server, which then cache’s the feed for the user/client computer to request?


After API v1 finishes its imminent retirement, you won’t be able to make client-side unauthenticated requests at all any more. Server-side requests and caching is really the best way to scale a widget of this nature.

Another option you can take a look at is our [node:10248] widgets, which have a rate limiting context with this scenario specifically in mind and the cost of a little flexibility.


Thanks @episod you’ve pretty much confirmed my suspicions. We’re now looking at the Twitter widget for the time being, although it doesn’t offer the level of customisation it’s a nescary trade off I guess.