Client is unable to access their own invoices


Handle: BDO_USA

Reaching out on behalf of our client, BDO. BDO stated they are not able to utilize/log-in to the BDO Twitter account to gain invoices (for Twitter campaigns they ran themselves) and Twitter told them this is an issue with Monster. Twitter told BDO this is a “Partner Managed Account” and that the invoices are being sent to Monster.

Monster is not receiving their invoices, and we are not able to access anything on their account.

As of yesterday, we now have a second case of this mysterious Twitter “Read Only” issue with funding sources. Crown Equipment stated that the only option they have available in the profile drop down is “Switch Accounts” and this option does nothing since no other accounts are defined. There are no options to add a funding source, let alone change to it.


Hey @Monster

Apologies for the delay in response, but we wanted to let you know we’re currently investigating the issue internally and will respond once we know more.



Also, could you elaborate a bit more on this? It sounds like the issue here is that Monster is unable to receive billing details, correct?

Additionally the client should be able to log-on to their account and view any funding sources under the “Funding Sources” tab on

Hope that helps!