Client is not permitted to perform this action



I got the confirmation mail stating that i have access to Account Activity API but when ever i try to run the URL i get message as
{“errors”:[{“code”:87,“message”:“Client is not permitted to perform this action.”}]}

Please suggest how to configure the webhook URL
also if you can suggest an example for doing this in C SHARP that will be useful


Have you created the application and do you have your webapp ready and listening for webhook callbacks?

The only time you should POST to /1.1/account_activity/webhooks.json is to register your existing webhook listener. What parameters are you sending to the endpoint? Until you’ve registered you webhook, the GET operation will not return a useful response.

Our current sample is in node, but it may help you to understand the principles of how this is intended to work.

Please remember that this API is in beta and that you’ll need to do some of your own work in order to understand how best to use it with your chosen coding environment.