'Client is not permitted to perform this action', while registering webhook



Our app has been whitelisted, we have the email, but we still have problems to register our webhook. We always get this error: {“code”:87,“message”:“Client is not permitted to perform this action.”}

We are sending a POST by twurl like this:

twurl -A ‘Content-type: application/json’ /1.1/account_activity/webhooks.json -d ‘{url:WEBHOOK_URL}’

any ideas?


@davgc, so we can find your request, can you provide the organization name or @username you used to apply?


Sure, we are @funcionasi and the app ID is 13784284. We have reset the keys but we get the same message.
Thanks in advance.


I’ve confirmed your app has access.

Looking at your request it looks like the issue is that you just need to pass the url as a POST param instead of in JSON body.


ok thanks a lot, we have sent the POST from nodejs instead of Twurl and is working fine. Thanks!!