Click on "sign in" when authorizing an app and nothing happens


I’m sure this is something simple, but I’m using the twitteroauth lib for php.

I’ve seen my home page, and it has redirected me to twitter where I am asked to authorize my app to access twitter. There’s a “sign in” button and a cancel button. I click on the “Sign in” and a request occurs, but it stays at:

I do have a callback url set up in my app profile. I believe I’m setting one explicitly before I head over to twitter for authorization.



Can you verify that you’re explicitly sending that oauth_callback parameter to the oauth/request_token method?

error_log("oAuthRequest : callback: ".$parameters['oauth_callback'],3,"error.log"); $request = $this->oAuthRequest($this->requestTokenURL(), 'GET', $parameters);

Shows that the callback url is set to what I want it to be.


I have the same problem


I have the same problem


I also have this problem. This morning, clicking “sign in” redirected me back to my app. Now, it does nothing, and I can’t figure out why. Frustrating.


any solution?


So I know this is not a concise answer to your problem, but here is some technical background information about OAuth2