Clarification on Webhook Subscriptions



The Account Activity API mentions that if I have 35 subscriptions that I should apply for enterprise access.

What do you mean by the term “subscription”? Is each web-hook endpoint registered a subscription, if so, if I have 35 users using my application, I would need to apply for enterprise access. Or is it the limit per user? 35 web-hooks per authenticated user.

For example, I have tokens for 100 twitter users, I would need to apply for enterprise access, or I can register one web hook and and get updates (i.e likes) for all the 100 twitter users without applying for access.


For the Account Activity API by default you can subscribe a single URL for webhook callbacks, and subscribe up to 35 user tokens on that webhook. Beyond that at the moment you will need to contact us to discuss additional access in detail.


It would be good to get some more understanding on this. I am migrating from an existing solution to having to use webhooks and there are a few unknowns for me personally , , so I am unsure of the best way forwards.

The unknowns for me are…

  • 35 limit for ‘all’ subscription per environment… but is it possible to have more than 1 environment?
  • New Premium API support for additional subscriptions will be coming in the future , but at what cost? I have no idea if it’s even viable to continue to provide DM integration to my product. ( I have only just released real time DM handling using streams! * face palm*). I could just focus on FB Messenger which has no costs to me, but I would love to continue to add Twitter DM and start using quick replies and the future customer cards.

In my case , I have many accounts which are only demonstration systems. They are used very rarely by resellers and only to demonstrate features to potential customers. With a limit of 35 accounts I worry about the viability of this for me as these free accounts will use up a large amount of the 35 limit.

I was thinking maybe I could have a separate environment for demonstration systems , so I can at least have 35 demo accounts and another 35 production accounts before having to pay the ‘unknown’ cost of premium. But there is no way of knowing if this will be technically possible . ( or break policy etc)

Can someone provide some more clarification please. Or at the very least, a time frame of when we may know the costs.

Many thanks


I came here because it’s not fully clear in all the documentation that 1 subscription = 1 Twitter user. Worth updating the Premium API documentation to make that unequivocally obvious.

Secondly, looking at the pricing, it’s seems a bit confusing how this could ever be affordable for 99.9% of Twitter apps.

The pricing for user subscriptions seems to be a non-starter:
$339/month for 25 users = $13.56/month per user
$2899/month for 250 users = $11.60/month per user

Take for example Twitter management app Hootsuite: they charge $45/month, and you can connect 10 social profiles.
If Hootsuite wanted to use webhooks for real-time DM/reply notifications, and a customer had 10 Twitter accounts connected, it would cost Hootsuite over $100/month in costs to Twitter, while only earning $45/month.
Even if Enterprise pricing for tens of thousands of user subscriptions brings the price per user down, the initial price/user at 25-250 levels ($11-$13) makes it seem unlikely that price/user would drop to affordable levels (e.g. $1-2/user/month).

The same comments were made when this was announced:

At this level, it looks like only a handful of enterprise-priced (i.e. $500/month+) Twitter products would be able to afford to use this API.

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