Clarification on Twitter automation usage




I am looking to get a little bit of clarification on the rules about automatically replying to tweets. I wish to create a bot that replies to each user who tweets a specific hashtag. Does this violate the rules? Is it safer for me to create the bot so that it only replies to tweets using the hashtag that are directed at the bot (ie “@twitterbot #hashtag content of tweet”).

Thank you!


Thanks for checking! The Automation Rules ( require you to get consent from a user before automatically responding to them. One way of getting consent is asking users to reply to a tweet from your bot using a specific, unique hashtag; just using a hashtag on its own is generally not a sufficient indication of user consent.


Is mentioning the bot with the hashtag sufficient for consent? I see how the hashtag alone could be misused, but mentioning the bot seems to be enough engagement for the reply to not be “unsolicited”


Yes! Mentioning the bot with the specified hashtag would be sufficient. The mention doesn’t specifically need to be a reply to a Tweet from the bot.


Wonderful, thanks for the help!