Clarification on timings for new policy about multiple accounts (Mar 23 2018)


I have some further questions about the policy that require clarification.

  1. I understand the intent is to prevent mass-posting (by political influencers & spammers). However, will this new policy be strictly enforced even at the very small level? e.g. if someone posts the same tweet to two of their Twitter profiles? i.e. could we allow cross-posting to 2 profiles, but prevent cross-posting to 3+ profiles?

  2. There is mention of this policy being enforced on tweets that are “scheduled/queued for future publication”, but that’s ambiguous because the policy is about simultaneous tweets. Does this mean that a user can’t post a tweet to profile A at midday, and then the same/similar tweet to profile B 6 hours later? If so, in order to enforce this, we need to know what time-scale this should be measured on.
    We currently prevent a duplicate tweet being published to a single profile if it has already been published to that same profile in the last 24 hours. Is a 24-hour look-back suitable for enforcing this new rule (i.e. it looks at tweets from all of their connected profiles, and prevents duplicates from being sent to any profile within 24 hours).
    If not, please provide more guidance on what you mean by preventing duplicate content from being scheduled across multiple profiles.

  3. Will there be any notification provided in the API response if a tweet is detected to be ‘duplicate across multiple accounts posted via the same tool’ (similar to the immediate ‘status is a duplicate’ error response) - or is this something that BotMaker may detect over time and issue a warning?


1 - This policy applies at all threshold / account levels.

2 - This applies regardless of whether the Tweets are published to Twitter at the same time, or are scheduled/queued for future publication. Per the announcement we suggest using RTs as an alternative.

3 - There will not be a notification. Per the Twitter Rules duplicate content may result in enforcement action.