Clarification on the result from


Recently, I have sent a twitter message to get clarification (rather a solution) for the result from

I would like to explain this in more detail:

  1. Without login into any Twitter account, open twitter account at Internet browser
  2. You can see a list of tweets
  3. You can also see the latest tweet is with this message [@fivefai 3rd reply only show on user_timeline.json]. The fixed URL of the latest tweet is
  4. However, there is another latest tweet was posted to @fi_trip which is which doesn’t show in the user timeline ( of fi_trip
  5. Even when I tried on the API to get fi_trip user timelines, the result from the API also didn’t show the latest tweet to @fi_trip


  • Is a tweet from @fivefai to @fi_trip
  • There is a reply on this tweet
  • It is showed on @fi_trip user timeline
  • Is a ‘conversation’


  • Is a tweet from @fivefai to @fi_trip
  • NO reply on this tweet
  • NOT showed on @fi_trip user timeline
  • NOT a ‘conversation’

For point 4 and 5, I would like to clarify whether it can be improved so that user time will also show the latest tweet even when it is not a conversation

*Added info:
For tweet, the latest reply {with this message: @fi_trip 3rd reply - 2nd reply} of this tweet is also not shown on @fi_trip user time line