Clarification on guideline updates "Automation and the use of multiple accounts"


Hi there,

We are providing a betting service and our users can submit a tweet about their choice.
Their tweet contents depend on their choices so they can have almost same pictures and texts for the same choices.

In the above case, would our service violate the following policy?
I would also like to know the solution if we have any problems about it.



Hi there -

Thanks for building on Twitter. The update you referenced does prohibit simultaneously posting identical or substantially similar content to multiple accounts. Any service that allows this would be in violation of Twitter policy.

As an alternative to posting identical content, you can Retweet content from one account from the other accounts you wish to share that post from.


Hi there,

That’s a valid information. Though, how many retweets were allowed from one to other in numbers? I believe this is restricted too right?


Thanks for your replying.

What did you mean “simultaneously” ?
Although we provide a functionality to post a tweet at user arbitrary timing, individual users can post their tweets at the same time so that would eventually cause “simultaneously” posting identical contents.
I would like to know that we be in violation on your policy because of unexpected simultaneously posting ?


This policy applies regardless of whether the Tweets are published to Twitter at the same time, or are scheduled/queued for future publication.


All of this counts on both several accounts and on single accounts, it counts on single accounts too because of the Bulk Tweeting and Spam rules so consider it all interconnected, it’s an extremely complex way of explaining things but whenever we ask them to elaborate further on what they even define Substantially or Simutaniously with the Spam and Bulk Tweet rules there too or whatever they just loop us all back to the rules, it’s not fair. The best sense that i’ve got from this is we may be able to Tweet about the same subject but at a very low amount of 1 Tweet about that subject every few days or once a week at least while all our other Tweets are about other things but they just won’t elaborate on Timing but with my experience of other Social Media sites id say 5 - 10 mins in-between Tweets and Likes, but i just feel like all of this is too much to keep track of, the Bulk and Spam rules applies to Simutaniously Tweeting too, i feel like they could rephrase all of this a lot more simple. They need to define what this is going to mean for profiles who want to make it about 1 thing though like your Betting Service page, how do we get around all of this without breaking these rules?.