Clarification on Funding Instruments


Our intended ads implementation will allow our clients (or our professional services team acting on behalf of our clients) to create ads for their twitter account that are funded by our central bill. I’ve been told this is possible, but can’t figure out how to set it up.

The documentation here defines three types of funding instruments, but they don’t seem to match our use case. The enums list includes additional types that do sound like they’re what we’re looking for, but they’re not detailed and there’s no clarity on how to set them up.

Is someone able to provide direction on how this is accomplished?



@ArJay_Hayes the funding instrument types you have access too are:


Each of these are setup by the advertiser, not through you on their behalf. Small business accounts (accounts that aren’t setup through Twitter’s sales team) will generally only have access to the CREDIT_CARD funding instrument.

As you already noted though, in the enum list we do have an additional funding instrument type called PARTNER_MANAGED.

This type of funding instrument does pretty much what you’re describing, but it isn’t available for you to use given the Ads API tier you’re currently in. This funding instrument type is documented, but that documentation is not available to all developers because this funding instrument type is only available on a case-by-case basis for select Ads API partners.

The PARTNER_MANAGED funding instrument is generally only considered for use by large, strategic partners and even then it’s only used in rare and very specific scenarios. For now, you’ll need to use the other funding instrument types available to you through the advertiser’s account.


@brandonmblack I know that PARTNER_MANAGED is not available to us today, but I have been assured that it will be made available if our use case is approved and we proceed to the “standard” access level. For our Developer and Basic tiers we understand that will will need to use a credit card that is directly connected to the Client’s ad account and not our ad account. However, since our use case cannot be launched at scale, and would have to be abandoned without the PARTNER_MANAGED, I’m hoping you provide a little clarity.

I suspect all of this is covered in the PMFI docs (, we’re unable to access them. We’re attempting to determine the optimal account connection flow and the docs ( mention the only difference in the options being whether or not the Partner/Developer is able to manage the client ads account in the Twitter ads UI. Does this mean that a partner with access to the PARTNER_MANAGED funding instrument is able to use that funding instrument for any ads they place regardless of whether they’re using an Advertiser (User) Token or Partner Token?

I’d hate to build it one way and then have to redo the whole architecture to support our real use case just because we’re not currently permitted to access the docs.



Hi @ArJay_Hayes , Were you able to solve this issue to be able to have a central funding instrument for different advertiser id. Since I am trying to solve a similar issue right now, your experience shall be helpful.