Clarification of Automation Rules


I’m working with the API to manage lists and create collections. I’d appreciate clarification on the automation rules…

Automated adding to lists or collections: You may not add Twitter users to lists or add Tweets to collections in a bulk or indiscriminate manner. Adding a large number of unrelated users to lists is a violation of the Twitter Rules.

  1. If we can’t add tweets to collections or users to lists in bulk then why do the /collections/entries/curate and lists/members/create_all endpoints exist???

  2. What is meant by “unrelated” when referring to adding a large number of users to lists?

One little app I’ve built for personal use looks through my friends and followers and manages several lists for me so I can easily see back-followers, non-followers and unfollowers. Is this allowed as long as I’m running the script manually, but a violation if I set up a cron job?



In general, the meaning of “bulk” and “indiscriminate” in this context refers to adding users to public lists or collections in a spammy fashion. For example, adding users to a list based solely on factors like tweeting with a given keyword would be a violation of these rules. This is especially important with regards to lists, where oftentimes the intent is to drive attention to an account or service due to the list addition notification.

The specific use for lists that you describe doesn’t sound problematic under the Automation Rules — including if you make those checks recurring. As a courtesy to the users you’re listing, I’d recommend making those lists Private (i.e. only visible to you). However, you should be mindful of the rules around aggressive following and follow churn to ensure that any actions you take as a result of adding or removing users to this list doesn’t cross the line into spammy behavior.


Thank you! Of course, I forgot to mention that I’m only working with private lists, which makes sense that activity on those isn’t much of an issue.