Clarification for VIDEO_VIEWS campaign metrics



I have a few questions regarding the metric promoted_video_views_25. The docs say that it represents

Total number of views where at least 25% of the video was viewed.

My questions:

  1. those 25 percents are at the beginning of the video, or can they be anywhere within the video (for example from 40% to 65%)? And must those 25 percents be continuous, or are users that saw scattered bits of the video that sum up to 25% counted in the value of this metric too?

  2. if the marker for adding 1 video view to this metric is at 25% at the beginning of the video, are users who skipped to this point counted too or not?

Thank you!



The metrics for video views are computed by quartiles, so promoted_video_views_25 might be better thought of as “the first 25% of the video”, and it’s possible for a user to be counted in only the latter half buckets if they skip to the middle of the video and fully watch the rest of it.




I see. Thank you, @JBabichJapan! One more question, please: are users that watch from 25% - 1s and 25% + 1s counted as 1 video views in promoted_video_views_25 or not?