CITY_TARGETING feature required for geo targeting criteria


Our app id is 15140641. While adding geotargeting i am getting this error .

“Account need to have CITY_TARGETING feature to add GEO targeting criteria with CITIES location type”,

let me know how can we add the CITY_TARGETING feature.


Hi @thekwriteam ,

This feature is restricted by default. You need to reach out to our Sales rep if you have a contact information in order to enable it. (or you can submit a support request from



Hi Shohei

We have submitted a request on provided link from our account, but not yet received any response. Can you help me with this?



Hi @thekwriteam,
Can you let me know your support ticket ID?


Hi Carmen

I cannot find any support ticket generated upon submitting the form at this link

Can you check the support tickets generated from my account. I cannot option to check any. Please take a look.