CITY_TARGETING feature required for geo targeting criteria


Our app id is 15140641. While adding geotargeting i am getting this error .

“Account need to have CITY_TARGETING feature to add GEO targeting criteria with CITIES location type”,

let me know how can we add the CITY_TARGETING feature.


Hi @thekwriteam ,

This feature is restricted by default. You need to reach out to our Sales rep if you have a contact information in order to enable it. (or you can submit a support request from



Hi Shohei

We have submitted a request on provided link from our account, but not yet received any response. Can you help me with this?



Hi @thekwriteam,
Can you let me know your support ticket ID?


Hi Carmen

I cannot find any support ticket generated upon submitting the form at this link

Can you check the support tickets generated from my account. I cannot option to check any. Please take a look.



Hi @thekwriteam,

The ticket ID should be in the email follow-up you get after filing - Can you check again? I don’t have a way to look at tickets generated by account.


Hi Carmen

I have created a new ticket again with . Please check the details.

Ticket ID: 0100084974


Hi @thekwriteam,

The ticket said it is resolved. Are you all set?


Hi Carmen

It’s working now.



Hi Carmen

We are again facing issue with location targeting. I have opened up a new ticket. Can you help me with this?

Ticket No.: 0100551532



HI Carman

Can you check the status of Ticket No.: 0100551532

More detail is in trailing mail.


Sorry for the delay - are you all set?


Hi Carmen

No We are still getting same error for targeting cities. Can you confirm if our twitter app is granted CITY_TARGETING account feature.

Please respond at earliest



HI Carmen

Any chance if you got a look on ticket 0100551532 ?

It’s quite urgent as we are getting the issue on production and look to resolve it at earliest




Just posted new ticket for CITY_TARGETING issue. CASE# 0101129699

any quick response will be appreciated though it’s been 26 days since the thread is open.


To clarify, this is set at the ads account level, not the app.

As was alluded to in the first reply, this isn’t a issue we can help with here. This forum is for developer questions specific to the Ads API. Granting access to features is not covered.

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