Cindy Shearin Group What Online Real Estate Selling Should Be


This is how to sell real estate online; and Cindy Shearin does it so well.

First, on your homepage, you put up a warm welcome (in subdued but clear capital title letters). It will surely make a visitor feel like he or she is being led gently into a home and shown not just the property but also the person meeting them at the front door.

Yes, there is Cindy’s smiling and charming face (unfortunately you cannot zoom into that beautiful face; but clicking on it will take you to another page where you can get to know Cindy Shearin) that does not obstruct from the page but merely gives enough impression that the website has a human feel and touch. We are meeting and talking to a real person. The title of the website itself, Cindy Shearin and nothing more, makes that obvious.

This is one unique though risky approach for any real estate professional – using just a name and not highlighting the line of business or the industry sector concerned. To add another intriguing aspect of the website, consider at the motto underneath the title: Experienced. Dedicated, Passionate, Creative, Thorough. All these words seem to totally sidestep the real estate industry. It could just as well refer to an artist’s blog. Or even that of a shoemaker or a private investigator! Only when you browse further or scroll down do you realize you are dealing with real estate brokers. Nice way to break the ice and warm it up for people to swim in.

Why Cindy has chosen this path of indirection is truly amazing. Most people who advertise usually go right into the fray and hit the ground running. But here is someone who has the courage to be true to her and to others by focusing on the human values that make our world worth living in. Real estate just happens to be the venue or the environment where we carry out all the important and essential functions of life, such as interacting, sharing, creating, working and experiencing – and living life the way we should. And Cindy has got it on target with one great concept for a real estate website. She wants us to live and enjoy things, not just acquire or possess them.

Keeping up with her hospitable character, Cindy presents her personal and professional info and qualifications on a first-name basis. It is no wonder then that she has been rated among the top 1% realtors in the US. Figures! They do not lie. Read here: