Chrome / Safari: No text and no icon (heart) in grid template for collections



Hi, normally there are a text (tweet) and a icon (heart) in the right top corner of images in the Grid Template for Collection Timeline. It is ok in e.g. Firefox and other non-webkit and no-touch browsers.
If displaying in Chrome (desktop & mobile) or Safari (iPhone/iPad) there are no tweet-text and no heart-icon, because of this css (display: none): .GridLayoutMediaTweet:not(.is-showingInterstitial) .GridLayoutMediaTweet-mediaOverlay {
    /* display: none; */

These bug makes the embedded timelines for collections unusable for chrome and safari, can You fix it? Thanks.


Thanks for the report.

I’ve just tested this in Chrome on desktop (OS X, Chrome 52) and I see a heart icon on hover over the image in a grid view, and text is overlaid.

Can you confirm that you see this on desktop Chrome, or is it mobile-only?


Hi Andy,

first of all, thank You for taking time and care about this

1/ everything is OK in desktop-firefox = pls see the screenshot in
attachment (firefox_desktop.jpg)

2/ the problem is in desktop-chrome = screenshot in attachment
(chrome_desktop.jpg), there is no overlaid text on images and no
heart-icon, they are also not showing in “mouse on hover” state…
tech info: the screenshot is taken on WIN10 64-bit and latest Chrome /
version: 52.0.2743.116 m (64-bit)

3/ the same problem is on android (6.0.1) in chrome (52.0.2743.98) and on
my iPhone (mobile safari) and iPad mini and Air…

One more thing: If there is embedded video in tweet = there is everything
ok (overlaid text, links and heart-icon are ok) on every platform and
browser, this issue is only with picture/photo tweets (overlaid text, links
and heart-icon are not showing).

Thanks again!



android (6.0.1) in chrome (52.0.2743.98):


Thanks for the additional info, I’ll see if the team can take a look at this and reproduce.


Ok, thanks!