Chrome Extension for tracking Twitter Behavior


Dear community,
my name is Florian and I’m a phd student at the University of Regensburg, Germany. I’m studying information behavior on Twitter especially why and how people wanna re-find or re-access Tweets they have seen before.
One of my previous studies was the work on favoriting behavior and the many reasons people have to click that little star icon. You might have heard of it cause it was featured on Buzzfeed and The Washington Post.

This being a thing of the past I’m writing this post as to motivate you to take part in a new study of mine. For this experiment I built an extension for the Chrome browser, which logs the users interactions while using the Twitter web client/website.
The study aims at identifying and tracking Twitter sessions were people are looking for previously seen Tweets. With this data at hand one could think of design implications of how to better support those situations, since those are nearly unsupported so far.
Besides helping me and the community at large by participating you would have the chance to win one of many Amazon gift cards!
Oh yeah here again the link to the extension:
Your help would be much appreciated!