Choosing the right API


I’m working on an application to allow users to create quick polls for use in presentations. I was hoping to have the user specify a hashtag and a series of keywords, the application would then monitor the hashtag to determine the number of times these keywords appear in as close to real time as possible.
The difficulty in choosing a method to do this is, using the search API I would be limited to 450 searches every 15 minutes. The prescribed solution to this in your documentation is streaming however an application may only hold one connection to a streaming endpoint and I would like to facilitate multiple users at once. Another problem would be that the polls would only be active for a short time and there is a limit to how often you can reconnect to streaming endpoints.
Any information you can give me on avoiding these limits would be appreciated.


Hi @PaddyHly, Let’s discuss your app in more detail. Can you log a ticket over at under “I need elevated access to the Streaming API” we can get you in touch with someone on our data sales team.