Checking if site complies with rules


Hi all.

We want to check if this site complies with Twitter posting rules. It posts images as directed by the account holder based on quotation content, backgrounds and fonts to their account.




Which particular questions do you have about the developer agreement and policy in relation to this site?


My apologies - I was referencing the Automation Rules at

We’ve looked over these extensively and believe that we’re compliant, and I wanted to check with the community to see if there were any glaring (or slight) non-compliances that (being close to the coal-face) we may have missed.

Thanks for pointing that out Andy.


Got it, and thanks for your diligence in checking the rules and asking for a second set of eyes.

I think the main thing you’ll want to consider is whether your service might be posting significantly duplicative content, along with overuse of hashtags or mentions, which may lead to antispam algorithms being applied.

It looks like this is enabling unique image-based content sharing, which is not directly prohibited or problematic. We’re unable to provide absolutely specific guidance since our algorithms are tuned via a variety of signals and machine learning, but if this is more-or-less a clearly marketed, opt-in Tweet scheduler for image-oriented or themed content, and not misused for spammy URL, hashtag or mention posting, then I would not anticipate significant problems.


Thanks Andy - great advice.

We look forward to it providing a great service and benefit to Twitter users.