Check if a token has write permission


All our users are currently read only. We want to allow them to copy comments on our site into tweets, so we want to upgrade users to read/write at the point they decide to post a comment to twitter. Ideally I’d check for write permission before they submit the comment.

Is there any way I can check whether the twitter token I have for a user is read only or read/write before I try to post a tweet?




In response to API methods you request with an OAuth 1.0A access token, you’ll get this HTTP header back: X-Access-Level.

You’ll be looking for the value to be “read-write”.

You can use account/verify_credentials for this purpose pretty easily.




Hello, appreciate this is very old, but I’m trying to do the same thing. Some of our users have their App restricted from write permissions and I’d like to be able to warn them in the control panel if this is the case.

is there any code available or reference docs where I can request this read-write value?

Thanks in advance.


This advice still applies.