Chatbot "might be automated"


I’m developing a chatbot with the DM API. Interestingly I got the “This request looks like it might be automated” error.

Of course chatbot messages are automated… Am I missing anything?


Which DM endpoint at you using, and are you sending raw URLs in the API requests?


I POST to /1.1/direct_messages/events/new.json

Just before receiving the error, I sent several messages that looked like this one: “Received values [144, 085, 076] from a XYZ device, model abc, device ID 020-32618563000127B-99”. I’m developing a chatbot to let users interact with a connected medical device (something like “chat with your fitbit about your health”), which explains the sort of test messages I’m sending.

I should probably open another thread for this, but I’d like to know if Twitter chatbots are meant to be used in such business cases. The error I got and the very low rate limits (if compared to, for example, FB Messenger or Telegram) suggest that Twitter as a chatbot platform might not be ready for prime time. Am I wrong?