Charge price parameter in MoPub


Hi there!

In MoPub response body: what amount is provided in parameter charge price?
is it Net revenue to publisher or Gross revenue to publisher including MoPub comission?



Hi @alex_ru. I assume you are referencing either the mpx imp or click url parameter for charge_price? Or are you seeing this in the actual response HTML body?

Could you please send an email to with a link to this thread? We’ll be able to answer your question there. Many thanks.

  • Jeff


Hi Jeffrey,
we are seeing it in actual response, see example:

.mp_center { position: fixed; top: 50%; left: 50%; margin-left: -160px !important; margin-top: -240px !important; }


Hi Alex. Thank you for that.

Based on that markup, it appears to be the price that auction cleared at.

Most likely, the bidding DSP here used the OpenRTB macro ${AUCTION_PRICE}. From your example: &win_price=${AUCTION_PRICE}. Our ad server would then dynamically populate in the value from that particular auction.

From more information, please see the OpenRTB 2.1 Spec in section 4.6 Substitution Macros.

I will have to check whether that value is gross, net or something else.


Follow up here with the correct answer after doing some further digging:

charge_price: Price that the bidder will pay (as determined by auction); only valid if this is the winning bid response.

So this value is related to the individual auction. The charge_price would get added to the gross revenue to the publisher to come up with the total cost (in ECPM) to the bidder for that individual auction.


Many Thanks, Jeffrey.
now we understand, that this eCPM is being shared by MoPub with Publisher on whatever terms set.