Character Limitation - Website Cards



One of our Advertisers experienced a Sync issue for a Campaign recently, with the API returning a message that they’re exceeding 140 characters.

We checked our build of the Website Card and it appears to be normal. In additional testing, noticed that even in the native tool, there is a 116 character limitation vs. 140 characters. This is not including any images, etc. Only typing the message.

Is this expected? Or a bug?


Hello, are any updates available?


Because you are adding a card to the Tweet, the URL that is used by the card goes through Twitter’s link shortener ( and is shortened to 23 characters. There’s also a space required between the Tweet text and the URL. 140-24 is 116, so that’s the limit.

In the future, we will be removing the URL attachment from the Tweet count, but at the moment, this limitation does apply, so this is not a bug, it is expected behaviour.


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