Character count differs between two Twitter accounts


When sending the exact same message with two different Twitter accounts using the REST API v1.1, one account will send the post and one will fail returning error 186 (Status is over 140 characters.).


Accounts: → Succeeds → Fails

Posting on Twitter using the website (instead of API) will work.


Plain text: genomineerd voor High Growth Awards 2015 @Port4Growth. Lees het hier:



This still occurs for about 3% of all posts on this account. The posts are correctly formatted and when we post them to another account using the exact same code it accepts them.


I’m guessing it’s something to do with “” - If it’s parsed as a URL, it’s 23 characters long, not 15 - maybe there’s something in docs that might help? Don’t know why is plain text on one account - and auto linked in another